Your love for chocolate is just so cute. I mean, I could watch you eat your beloved Golden Tree bars for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t complain.

I know we’ve had this conversation a million times but I just can’t restrain, cause I’ve got so many questions that I can no longer detain and I need answers now cause I feel like its killing me.

Anytime we have this conversation it ends up at the same place, with the same old story.
You keep on saying, ‘remember our vows’, but I don’t remember making any, cause its more like a decision you took on behalf of both of us of which I didn’t consent to.

There are nights where I can’t sleep just thinking about this; Honestly I’m not okay with this and I can’t pretend to.
We’re not yet married and I already feel like I’m second place in your life, cause everything’s gotta be about God, right?

Look, I don’t like it when we argue and I don’t want us to. I really do love you much more than words could ever express, but I’m not ready to make a life long commitment if I’m going to be second place.

Baby, I do want this to work, but we’ve still got a lot to figure out, I think its best we do it now but I don’t know how.
Let’s work this out, let’s make this work before its too late….

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