My love, your words are like my favourite sauce, bitter-sweet;
And more intoxicating than the finest wine.
I feel myself getting drunk on them yet I’m begging for more.
The truth is, I’m not ready to do it and I think you aren’t either.
I apparently have separation anxiety disorder because the thought of us separating makes me anxious and brings so much disorder in my life.
I’m sorry if you think I’m putting God above you
But He will always be the first LOML.
Our bond needs to be covalent cause He is our shared electron.
Honey, patience won’t destroy us, only make us stronger.
Don’t let your lust last lest our love becomes a thing of the past.
I’m desperate to be with you as well.
I also have feelings and a body, you know.
God said touch not my anointed so until we are one at the altar,
Let’s alter our thoughts before we blunder.
I’ve lost so many people.
I can’t lose you too.
Please, don’t do this to us.

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