Baby I love you and I need you to survive, but we have to put each other first for this love to suffice.
I chose to believe there was still a chance but you’ve made it very clear;
I don’t think we can advance, the picture’s no longer blurred.
I enjoyed all those times we spent together, falling asleep in your arms, those are memories I’ll always treasure.
But you know what they say, doubt is like a virus; it’s better we end it now before it feeds on my insecurities and serves its purpose.
It hurts me to do this because I’ll never be the same without you;
I have a feeling this is a decision I’ll live to rue,
But right now it just seems like the right thing to do.
I don’t wanna marry God, I wanna marry you; but I can’t have one without the other so I’ll just surrender.
I guess it’s all or nothing, right?
As hard as this may be, I’ll choose nothing and end my plight; but don’t worry, I could never hate you, you’ll always be my light;
Just that for now I’ll have to let you out of my sight.
I can’t ask you to wait for me, just follow your symphony.
Even though we depart, you’ll always be right here, next to my heart.
As I watch you walk away, I feel like I’m not breathing,
But those memories we had I’ll keep in the necklace I bought when I was sixteen.
There’s no way I can save us, cause I need to be saved too;
I’m no good at goodbyes so I leave them to you.

10 thoughts on “For 5ths

  1. Wow
    My focus should be on the message, I guess, but I just can’t ignore how well written this is.
    It’s really good man✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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