Your poetic rhymes always bring tears to my eyes,
Though they may be because our relationship is so dead it’s on ice.
If I have to pick between you and God then I’m really sorry,
I guess we’ll never get our fairytale story.
I was so blind to your faults that I now understand why;
I’ve always thought Stevie was a wonderful guy.
Ready to quit? You’re not KB so I won’t hold you back,
We had the art of drifting so the devil came and hijacked.
Been together for so long; I bought you that necklace, remember?
Yet you used it to wrap me around your little finger.
I pray that you find God once again. You really need Him boo,
Cause I can’t let your grey shades mask that of my blue.
You’ve always been a terrible gambler even bidding me farewell is a challenge,
Well hasta la vista baby, we shot our shot but now your Rover’s out of range.

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