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6th Shade: Black Out

If I have to pick between you and God them I’m really sorry;
I guess we’ll never get our fairytale story.

For 5ths

I can’t ask you to wait for me, just follow your symphony.
Even though we depart, you’ll always be right here, next to my heart.

4th Convo

The truth is, I’m not ready to do it and I think you aren’t either.
I apparently have separation anxiety disorder because the thought of us separating makes me anxious and brings so much disorder in my life.

3rd Wheel

I know we’ve had this conversation a million times but I just can’t restrain, cause I’ve got so many questions that I can no longer detain and I need answers now cause I feel like its killing me.

2nd Date

Don’t forget our vows. Chastity is sacred and we mustn’t give up ours. After waiting for so long, what are a few weeks more to our love?

1st Kiss

No, I can no longer wait till its official, I’m going to make you mine, I’m going to make you mine tonight.

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